Farhism Ordo

Omne Ambiguum Est

The Order

Salutation on Three Points of the Trident!
We are a Religio-Phylosophical Organization. The Order follows the sinister Path of Nebulosity, where nothing is explicit or absolute.
We are dedicated to the high purpose of eradicating all sheep-herding Dogmas, reversing the patterns through a Cryptosteganographic Macabre Art in order to expose the true human nature, leading to an awakening of the limitless human potentiality.We are the Antivirus.


There is no Absolute Truth. We do not impose moral codes or doctrines about what is considered right or wrong, that generate unnatural feelings such as fear or guilt used as instruments of control. Each individual have absolute Control over his own life, considering the law of nature that every Action has a Consequence.
To Live is to Suffer. We practice the discipline of self-control, gathering occult knowledge to trancend the human limits on the Nebulous Path to the Higher Self. However, every Merit requires its Sacrifices.
There is No Future. Contrary to the anti-life doctrines focused on tomorrow afterlife, we enjoy the Present moment, with its Pleasures and Pains. YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD.

Agios 3.'.8.'.3.'.

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